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For another $263, the 1967 Pontiac GTO's HO mill could be fitted with Ram Air. These ultimate GTO V-8s had extra-strong valve springs and a longer-duration .

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An original buyer's story of purchasing a brand new 1967 Ram Air GTO.

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Apr 3, 2011 . 24000 miles.All original,unrestored.4 speed,3:90 gears.Hurst equipped.

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Feb 8, 2007 . umm buddy look at my post from 4 months ago lol the 67 is faster than a? 70 gto but a 66 or 67 will not beat a 1970 GTO Ram Air IV JUDGE .

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S98 1967 Pontiac GTO Ram Air Convertible, 400/360HP, 4-speed ...
Mar 31, 2008 . Dana Mecum's Original Spring Classic Auction - 21st Year May 15 - 18, 2008 Year 1967 Make Pontiac Model GTO Body Convertible Exterior .

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Of those cars, only 2967 had the lackluster two-barrel 400, 13827 got the 400 HO and just 751 were Ram Air equipped. If you want a rare GTO, look for a '67 .

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From GTO 1964-1967 (Motorbooks International Muscle Car Color History) by Paul . At the top rung of the ladder was the Ram Air engine, also rated at a .

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GTOsCars For Sale. Scroll down the menu and click on .

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The 1967 GTO's set of standard options included; bucket seats, special exterior trim (such as the hood scoop), 335hp 400ci engine (optional Ram Air) with .

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1967 Pontiac GTO Ram Air Convertible 400/360 HP 1967 Pontiac GTO Coupe High Output 400. IN 1967, Pontiac had to revise their top model GTO according to .

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1967 GTO for sale For Sale: Cars. . 69 GTO JUDGE RAM AIR III 4SP 2ND OWNER 66 GTO HTP 474CID 63 Catalina Sedan, For Sale .

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The GTO also saw several mechanical changes in 1967. . The rarest 1969 GTO , omitting color options, was the Ram Air IV Judge Convertible - only five were .

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. Ram Air IV 400/370 HP, 4-Speed, 1967 Pontiac GTO Ram Air .