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Bromine (symbol Br and atomic number 35) and mercury (symbol Hg and atomic number 80) are both liquids at room temperature. Bromine is a reddish-brown .

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Bromine is liquid at room temperature but evaporates very rapidly into a purple- brown, choking gas that smells rather like chlorine. Sodium bromide, the bromine .

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Elemental bromine is a fuming red-brown liquid at room temperature, corrosive and toxic, with properties between those of chlorine and iodine. Free bromine .

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What elements are liquids at room temperature? From a . Two elements are liquid at room temperature (298 K): Bromine (Br), an reddish brown liquid with .

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Actually seeing,the only elements which are at liquid state at room temperature are Mercury(Hg)and Bromine(Br).But elements like Caesium[Cs]and Gallium .

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By this definition, bromine and mercury are the only two elements that are liquid at room temperature. Three other elements -- cesium, gallium and rubidium .

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The only nonmetallic element that is a liquid at normal room temperatures, bromine was produced by Carl Lwig, a young chemistry student, the summer before .

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1) Bromine's boiling point is 58.8 C. Suppose you have a closed bottle of bromine liquid at 25 C (room temperature). When you open the bottle, quite a bit of .

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Bromine is one of two liquid elements at room temperature (25C), and is the only liquid nonmetal under normal conditions. It is a reddish-brown volatile liquid, .

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Bromine is a liquid at room temperature. It contains small Br2 molecules in which a strong intramolecular bond holds two bromine atoms together. This is also .

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Bromine and mercury are the only two elements that are liquid at room temperature and pressure. Nitrogen dioxide is a nasty brown gas though .

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Introduction; What Is a Liquid? . A sample of bromine (Br2) at room temperature is shown below. . As may be seen in the microscopic view of liquid bromine, .

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