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The inclined plane is the simplest of simple machines because to make it work, nothing moves. You move! Another name for an inclined plane is a ramp.

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A pulley is a simple machine that uses grooved wheels and a rope to raise, . An inclined plane is a slanting surface connecting a lower level to a higher level.

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Renaissance scientists added the inclined plane to the five simple machines described by Hero of Alexandria. The force required to lift the load is reduced by .

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Later Greek philosophers defined the classic five simple machines (excluding the inclined plane) and were able to roughly calculate their mechanical advantage .

A diagram of how a solar panel system works.

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Inclined Plane
An inclined plane is a simple machine. It is a flat surface that is higher on one end . You can use this machine to move an object to a lower or higher place.

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Aug 5, 2005 . Glossary of Simple Machine Terms · How Stuff Works for Kids · Inclined Plane · Invention Dimension · Investigate and Report on Simple .

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Feb 23, 2009 . Simple Machines part 2 lesson for 3rd grade unit. . Inclined Plane Problems ( Ramp Problems)by lasseviren114203 views; Simple Machines .

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION: What Is A Machine? Think of the word machine and you may conjure up (imagine) pictures of big bulky cranes, bulldozers, .

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Mar 29, 2012 . An inclined plane is any slope or ramp, like a wheelchair ramp or a slide. It makes it easier to lift something heavy, like a rock. Instead of lifting .

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A common inclined plane is a ramp. Lifting a heavy box onto a loading dock is much easier if you slide the box up a ramp--a simple machine. Want to know more .

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An Inclined plane or a ramp is one of the basic machines. It reduces the force necessary to move a load a certain distanc'e up by providing a path for the load to .

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Apr 1, 2005 . Simple Machines, Part 5: Inclined Plane 3. The Screw and Wedge. Last week we talked about the inclined plane family. This week, we're going .

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In this educational animated movie about Technology learn about ramps, effort, wedges, machines, forces, and work.