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Chemistry of Hard and Soft Water
Sodium goes into the water, but the other cations stay with the resin. Very hard water will end up tasting saltier than water that had fewer dissolved minerals.

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For people on a low-sodium diet, the increase in sodium levels . can be significant, especially when treating very hard water.

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The sodium levels of wells in these areas can be 30 to 1000 mg per liter or more. Hard water from wells in eastern Washington may also have high levels of .

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Conventional water softeners attack the problems of hard water by replacing beneficial calcium with unhealthy sodium. This can lead to high blood pressure and .

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The Theory Behind The sodium in hard water

Water softeners and a low sodium diet
This is an ion-exchanger and acts by replacing the chemicals in the water that make it hard (calcium and magnesium) with another ion, usually sodium.

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? A: It depends on the diet. To begin with, the doctor's instructions should be .

Do salt-free water softeners really work?
A filter will not remove dissolved solids (which are responsible for hard water). A descaler, (Salt Free Softener) does not remove dissolved solids, it prevent the .

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soften water. When using ion exchange devices cal- cium and magnesium are exchanged for sodium. The hard water is piped through a resin bead medium that .

The Use Of Electricity From sodium in hard waters

What is Hard Water
Jul 13, 2011 . exchange; these softeners contain a resin (usually made from plastic) that stores sodium. When hard water comes into contact with this resin .

How do you soften permanent hard water
By the addition of washing soda (sodium carbonate)Calcium and magnesium ions present in hard water react with sodium carbonate to produce insoluble . - Water Softeners
A water softener works on principle known as ion exchange. The softener contains resin beads, which are charged with sodium ions. When hard water passes .

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Add washing soda (sodium carbonate) Washing soda is added to hard water before washing clothes in it. The calcium ions are removed in a precipitation .

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The exchange eliminates both of the problems of hard water because sodium doesn't precipitate out in pipes or react badly with soap. The amount of sodium this .