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ate definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, . a suffix occurring in loanwords from Latin, its English distribution paralleling that of .

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What does the suffix -ite mean
"-ite" (in the non-chemical sense) means "one connected with" or "one descended from." This definition only applies to its use as a suffix (added to the end of a .

What does the suffix IDE mean
What does the suffix IDE mean? In: Prefixes Suffixes and Root Words [Edit categories]. Answer: Improve. In chemistry, the suffix "ide" meas it is a negative ion.

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ide definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. . <chemistry> A suffix used to form nouns denoting binary compounds of an element (the suffix - ide .

naming of binary compounds
Here are some examples using the element stems and the suffix ide. . Since this is a binary compound (meaning that it is a compound comprised of only two .

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Information about -ide in Free online English dictionary. . Meaning of -ide medical term. . -ide,. suffix meaning "a compound of ": chloride, monoxide, sulfide.

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it isn't always easy.. and it depends on the oxidation state of the central ion. and it goes like this... oxidation state..... acid....... salt ______......____.

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The -ite suffix is used on the oxyanion with one less oxygen (like sulfite SO32- or nitrite NO2-). Sometimes there can be a hypo- prefix, meaning one less oxygen . - understand meaning or definition of "suffix" words A better way to convey the meaning of a word. . Words in this Subject. Click on a word to understand the meaning or definition of that word.

Suffixes, Parts of Speech, and the GRE
Suffix. Meaning. Examples. Function or Characteristic Usage. Notes in this column refer . ate. cause, make. liquidate, segregate. noun or adjective ® verb. cian .

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ide definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'ide','ides','idée fixe ','idée . -ide. , -id suffix forming nouns. 1 added to the combining form of the .

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suffix meaning "belonging to, connected with, member of a group or class" (plural -idae), from Fr. -ide and directly from L. -ides, masculine patronymic, from Gk.