using diesel fuel to kill weeds

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How to Kill Weeds in St. Augustinegrass Without Killing the Grass. Must See: Slide Shows . Fill a plastic spray bottle with the diesel fuel. Make sure you do this .

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An application of diesel fuel kills not only poison ivy but all other vegetation in the area. Poison ivy . How to Kill Weeds Without Chemicals Using Salt. Salt is a .

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If there is an area where you don't want *anything* growing back, salt water is a great way to kill off weeds and keep them from coming back. I use 1 part salt to 2 .

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So will gasoline, diesel fuel and used motor oil. . With repeated applications you will eventually kill perennial weeds but I have found that for .

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In the gardener's constant battle with weeds, there stand both skinny and . Mix a 25-percent solution of kerosene or diesel fuel with an herbicide that contains .

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I've used salt, diesel fuel, gasoline and most of the commercial . strain, and use this concoction to kill just about anything that grows.

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sooo goal is to kill all the weeds, drop some fill dirt on top, do the weed fabric, . Roundup (glyphosphate) mixed strong with diesel fuel kills .

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My house is overrun with weeds and I live 100 yards from a water . kill things that you would rather stayed alive (or kill yourself by neglect). . Diesel fuel. . From the smell of it, it's just plain wax impregnated with diesel oil.

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. crops and crop land with the herbicide so as to be able to kill nearby weeds . no-till can save as much as 450 hours of time and 3500 gallons of diesel fuel .

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These weeds area problem because they compete with the crop for nutrients, water and . Inc. The EDS unit kills weeds electrically on contact with charged probes by . The weight of the diesel fuel was obtained from the local distributor ( 1).

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Grass and weeds are growing up in these joint areas like crazy. . for the environment and the yard (IE the soak em in motor oil or diesel fuel option!) . Also, just covering them with plastic will too, especially when it is hot and .

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Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and home heating oil . fuel has a different use and different properties. It's . DON'T use diesel oil to kill weeds around your .

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. all the clean up work done using EPA approved contractors and disposal, . in the country to spray diesel fuel to kill weeds under fence lines.