ut1 uhf body-pack transmitter

Shure ULX1 J1 Wireless UHF Bodypack Transmitter, 554-590. | Full ...
Instrument cable connects the T1, UT1, SC1, SLX1, LX1, ULX1, UC1 and U1 body-pack transmitter to a guitar or other instrument. Features a 2.5 foot (.75 m), .

Shure ULX1 G3 UHF Bodypack Transmitter 470-505 | Full Compass
Instrument cable connects the T1, UT1, SC1, SLX1, LX1, ULX1, UC1 and U1 body-pack transmitter to a guitar or other instrument. Features a 2.5 foot (.75 m), .

Shure UR1 G1 UHF-R Wirelss Bodypack 470-530 | Full Compass
Shure UR1-G1 The UR1 transmitter is a compact bodypack, constructed of . or U1, UC1, UT1 body-pack transmitter to a dynamic or battery-powered condenser .

live - Replacement body-pack transmitter for Shure UT1 / UT4A ...
Dec 19, 2010 . We have a very nice Shure UT4A wireless diversity receiver (UHF, 615.9 Mhz) that we use with a UT1 body-pack transmitter. Unfortunately, the .

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Shure Americas | UR1M Micro-Bodypack Transmitter
Wireless Micro-Bodypack Transmitter. Only 2.2 . Operating on the premium Shure UHF-R Wireless platform, the UR1M offers superior wireless audio and an .

Shure Americas | PGX1 Bodypack Transmitter
Low-profile, durable wireless bodypack for use with PGX Wireless systems. . SC1, PG1, PGX1, SLX1, LX1, U1, UC1, ULX, UR1 and UT1 Bodypack Transmitters .

Shure Americas | PG1 Bodypack Transmitter
The PG1 Bodypack Transmitter can be used with a variety of Performance Gear Wireless systems, including Headworn, Guitar/Bass, Lavalier, and Lavalier .

Shure UT14 Uhf Wireless - Guitar | Instrument Mics | orders ...
The Guitarist Uhf. Ut1 Body-Pack Transmitter; Ut4 Diversity Receiver; Wa302 Guitar Cable For Connection To Ut1; Wa302 Cable For Connecting Ut4 To Guitar .

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Wireless Microphones - Manufacturers Equipment List | FCC.gov
ATW-T75, 728.125-740.0 MHz, Unipak Body Pack Transmitter, No. ATW- . 728- 740 MHz, Camera-mount UHF Body-pack and Plug-on Wireless Systems ( indudes ATW-R100 Receiver and . UT1-VG, 744.875 MHz, Bodypack Transmitter, No .

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Great deals on Wireless Accessories and friendly service at .

Shure UR14D Dual Bodypack Wireless System
Shure UHF-Rô Wireless Systems master the high pressure and extreme . the T1, UT1, SC1, SLX1, LX1, ULX1, UC1 and U1 body-pack transmitter to a guitar or other . The UR1 transmitter is Shure's most compact bodypack, constructed of .

Shure Microphones at US SPEAKER - Shure mics wired and Shure ...
T1 Bodypack Transmitter. T3 Single Antenna Receiver. Shure UT14/84. The Presenter Series UHF Wireless System includes. WL184 Lavalier Mic. UT1 .

Wireless Accessories and Replacement Parts
Active directional UHF antenna with integrated amplifier for improved wireless . Use with Shure models P2R, P4R, P4HW, T1, T1G, LX1, UT1, ULX1, MX1BP and VP3. . Neoprene bodypack arm pouch for all Shure bodypack transmitters.