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The crucifixion of Jesus is an event that occurred during the 1st century AD. . For larger galleries, please see: Icons of crucifixion and Paintings of crucifixion .

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The Mond Crucifixion (or Crocifissione Gavari; both names are after former . The painting shows Jesus on the cross, who is looking peaceful even though he is .

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When was Marc Chagalls White Crucifixion painted? Marc Chagall's painting White Crucifixion dates from 1938, and it is held at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Crucifixion me handmade oil painting reproductions of famous .

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Marc Chagall / White Crucifixion / 1938
Context: Chagall painted "White Crucifixion" to draw attention to a recent series of political events perpetrated by the ruling National Socialist party in Germany.

The Small Crucifixion
The only Grünewald painting in America, The Small Crucifixion bears a traditional title, first given to it in the seventeenth century to distinguish this private .

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The Crucifixion of Saint Andrew the Apostle. St Andrew the First Called - Painting of the calling of St Peter and St. Andrew by Duccio di Buoninsegna .

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Mar 19, 2012 . You know the headline: One of the most impressive works of art at TEFAF in Maastricht was Rubens's Crucifixion, painted around 1618-1620.

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His first attempts in painting were made in Florence, and then in Pisa. . S. Clemente, a Crucifixion, and scenes from the life of St. Catherine and of St. Clement, .

Links to Images of The Crucifixion of Jesus Matthew 27:32 - 56; .

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Jan 13, 2012 . For Marc Chagall, it was The White Crucifixion. Painted in 1938, it may well have been influenced by Guernica, painted less than a year before.

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So what was he saying in the 'White Crucifixion' when he painted it in 1938? And why is it still relevant all these years later? These are just two of the questions .

The Isenheim Altar
Matthias Grünewald painted an impressive altarpiece between 1510 and 1515 for . The first view, with the wings closed, is a heart-rending crucifixion scene.